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April 22, 2019 4 min read



if you are interested on joining us !



With the presence of Ricardo Campello 3 times windsurfing world champion and Waterman, We will have certified kite and windsurf instructors to make sure to give you the best lessons!

Los Roques is beautiful archipelago of Islands situated aprox 80 Miles from La Guaira (Venezuela) it has over 300 sand keys, the water is as Blue as you can get and the sand is powdering white , a truly paradise.

We want to show you and sail with you in our favorite paradise in between islands and in case we get waves, we go sail on the waves! You will have the chance to sail with me, Ricardo Campello will make sure to show the best my paradise and give the tips you need to learn!

Our Experience will Include pretty much everything you need. Except your flight from Home to Caracas – Home. Once you arrive in Caracas all you need to do is check in for a 40 minutes flight to Los Roques! then Welcome to Paradise! ( you might stay one night at a hotel in Caracas depending on your arrival to Caracas (Extra charge for hotel).


It is not as bad as everyone thinks , if you go with the right people nothing will happen to you in the city , in los Roques you don’t have to worry about a thing , I assure you los Roques is safer then your home . Upon arrival in Caracas , we will have someone waiting for you to escort you either to the national airport or to a nice hotel near by ( depending on the time you arrive)


To windsurf in Los Roques is a big privilege , not many people does it as it is very limited to bring windsurfing gear over there so if you , you can only bring windsurfing gear by boat as the airplanes are quite small . so it’s big advantage , you can chose to windsurf either on flat water , choppy and sometimes
even on some waves If you are lucky enough .


This sport have endless options, learning from scratch with one of our teachers , perfect your upwind in the shallow crystal waters, jumping over the sand cays, surfing the waves, or by doing the local famous kite safari through the coral reef. Be aware you may not want to stop until it gets dark, but keep calm your
crew has you covered. Los Roques has hundreds of spots to kitesurf and again , you can enjoy all kinds of blues and even see come marine wild life while you kite!


We will give you a few different options for your accomodations, all of them are very nice but some more affordable then others, of course the more it costs the better it is.

So we will categorize as a:
Posada Malibu ***
Villa Caracol ***
Ranchito Power **


Is the most beautiful Posada Vip Lodge in Los Roques, within a mixed Caribbean Mediterranean architecture it is full of tiny details that achieve to divide the spaces into the lodge creating many halls and social areas without needing walls. The
upper terrace is a spectacle at the sunset, there is also an inner yard where food is served, and you will enjoy some of Venezuelan, Mediterranean and Japanese food.


Located on the West side of the island of Gran Roque, Villa Caracol enjoys an extremely quiet and ventilated position. It is characterised by large open spaces arranged on various levels, mainly of white colour, natural tones and with furniture in teck. It has two large terraces, once facing the sea with comfortable relaxing sofas and beach beds, and the second is equipped with single sofas and large pillows, with a splendid view of the lighthouse and it enjoys a pleasant breeze. Its six spacious and comfortable rooms, one of which with four beds, two with three beds and two with double beds, furnished with taste and attention to details, come with a private washroom with hot water, mini-bar, and ceiling fan. Villa Caracol is ideal for clients looking for privacy, relax and refinement.


Ranchito Power is a typical fisherman's house which has been renovated and converted into a cozy inn. It has only 5 double rooms and a quadruple room, all with private bathroom and fan. In its facilities you will find a large terrace and an external patio.


· Flight to and from Los Roques From Caracas
· Accomodation : 20th to 30th of November
· Breakfast , Lunch , Snacks , Dinner
· Rescue Boat
· Boats to the beaches
· Beach Helpers
· Beach Refreshments
· Videos and Photos at the end of the Trip
· Event Lycra
· Windsurfing Equipment
· Kite instructor to supervise
· Windsurfing instructors
· Kite Equipment ( if you opted for classes or to get
· Snorkel equipment
· Sup Boards
· Surprise prizes
· Beach party at the end of the event
(drinks might not be included)

Daily outside Expenses by you! If you have much weight you might have to pay extra excess baggage, remember the airplanes are very Small and limited.

Hotel in La guaira (in case your flight arrives Late in Caracas).

If you are a kite beginner or your companion wants to learn! 

We will gladly assist you!

Price x 10 days : :
Posada Malibu : 2455 $
Posada Caracol : 2340 $
Ranchito power : 1790 $
Prices : $700 for 6 hours Class
Extra session : (2 hours) $120